My 1st Northern Michigan Yoga Retreat



Leland, a quant beautiful town in the Leelanau peninsula of Northwestern Michigan. Fall harvest yields fruits and vegetables abundantly in this area due to the micro-climate created between Lake Michigan and Suttons Bay. Rolling hills of vineyards, fruit trees, and stunning views in every direction. Dunes formed over 4000 years ago from glaciers line beaches as far as the eye can see. Islands off the coast set an amazing back drop for intense sunsets. And in the town itself, a few locally owned shops and restaurants,  a tiny harbor filled with fishing vessels and sailboats, and a yoga studio in the second floor of a 200 year old building. Pure Prana Yoga laced with delicious smells of incense, old wood floors and emitting energy from every corner of the room. I knew right away it was going to be a bad ass weekend of yoga and friends. 9 beautiful yogini’s joined me to make the weekend a huge success. A humble moment of gratitude to be able to have everyone make the journey and spend their time with me.As we began the weekend with a sunset over Whaleback Island and a deep practice of chakral balancing. I asked everyone, a small group of 9 students to set an intention for the weekend. What do you need most from this weekend? Once set in place, the practice took on a trippy tribal groove. Throughout each practice that weekend, I explored postures that would further open their energy bodies, balance their chakras and align the finite to the infinite. A process of manifesting a purposeful existence through pranayama, asana, Bandhas and focus. I felt so inspired over the weekend, I wrote 25 pages on how yoga opens, balances, and rejuvenates the energy body. Everything was coming together in a beautiful way in Leland. Old friends, new friends, strengthened connections and finding my purpose of serving others to guide me. I could see how the yogini’s shifted with every session of clearing.Beyond our time spent in the studio, I enjoyed every minute of Leland and Traverse City. The peaceful walks along the waterfront. Swimming in Lake Michigan was a ritualistic experience reuniting with the Bodhi energy. The home we stayed in had breathtaking views in all 4 directions. What I loved most about the weekend was the freedom to do what you pleased when we weren’t practicing yoga together. Most of my time was spent hanging out with close friends, preparing the yoga sessions and soaking up the surrounding beauty. There wasn’t enough time to take it all in.Being my first retreat in Leland, It was a huge growing experience. The loving vibrations that connected us together made me realize what the weekend was all about. Enjoying life with good people. Our human existence is so short on this earth. Do the things you love NOW! Don’t waste 1 more second over-working, worrying, criticizing, doing things your heart isn’t into. It’s all over in the snap of a finger, so do the shit that makes you happy and vibrates positivity to others.I’m stoked to announce I will be leading the 2nd annual Northern Michigan Yoga Retreat in Leland September 24th-27th 2015. I’ve come up with some sweet ideas for next year and changing the format a little. Save that date, you won’t want to miss out on this enriching life experience. Let’s get together family and share the gift of yoga in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.Metta


Michael McCarthyMy 1st Northern Michigan Yoga Retreat

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  1. Wendy

    It was a magical weekend in a beautiful environment. I enjoyed how you set intentions on Thursday night and carried out the theme throughout the weekend. I met you about one year before this retreat and your growth has been amazing, watching your journey and seeing you shine on this retreat was a very rewarding experience. Your classes were strong, a mixture of soft and challenging; vinyasa, slow burn, yin yasa all helped my body feel good throughout the weekend. I found it incredible that you walked into a studio you were unfamiliar with and found comfort, there was a great energy in there too. I really enjoyed the nature hike on Saturday with the meditation during the walk. I loved your messages throughout. The people I knew and the people I met were a special part of the retreat for me. Spending time with my special friends and opening up to the new friends that showed up was a great experience for me too. I took pleasure in the down time walking in the beach, meditating and soaking in the beauty of Leland. I had the opportunity to learn from you, your attention to pranayama and bandhas helps my practice and teaches me the foundation I yearn to learn.
    Thank you hairy beast for a profound experience.
    I look forward to next year.

    Keep shining,

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