Honoring where I am.


Roving through certain parts of Thailand for the last 30 days had some intense moments of spirituality. You can literally feel what I’m talking about in this picture above taken in Ayutthaya. Breath taking and all inspiring. This was my 5th time back to Thailand and absolutely amazing every time. However, there is an element to traveling 9000 miles from America to Thailand that can take a toll on the physical body. Change in diet, 21 hour flight, 12 time zones away, difference in air quality and environment.

As I make my reentry back to the west, its vitally important to remind myself to take it slow. Starting with my yoga practice. Stepping onto my mat in a hot yoga room today allowed me to check in. I practice posture, breath, meditation and mantra daily. In Thailand, my practice slowed down with less heat. Todays hot Vinyasa reminded to honor whats resonating inside. I slowly moved into postures as I was feeling sluggish from the foods i’ve been consuming and environmental changes. I took breaks in seated meditation and child’s pose when I was feeling a bit nauseous. Back to the basics. It felt good to listen to my body and not push beyond into advanced postures. I told myself to be patient. It will take time to move back into a deeper asana practice and thats all good. Let the intuition be the guide.

This translates into all areas of our life. Sometimes we try to push and force things for faster results. Does that serve us? The most important thing i’ve learned from my yoga practice is intuition. Listening to the inner voice to make the right decisions. That means backing down sometimes. Its not defeat on any level. Its being humble enough to let the ego. The ego says more when the situation says less. Without judgement, accepting what is and not what we think it should be. Because its our brain that gets us in the most trouble. We can never go back to what was, yet we can create what is.

So for the next few weeks, I will silence my thoughts and tap into my feelings more than ever before. I am looking forward to this journey of intuitive consciousness. A state of presence through honoring each authentic moment truthfully. Taking my travels abroad and applying them to my life, and transcending this into my teachings. This is going to be bad ass.



Michael McCarthyHonoring where I am.

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