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Inspiration to continue the Journey

On the eve of launching my new website, I realize how far I have come in such a short time. This spiritual journey has not only inspired me, but many friends along the way. Massage and yoga has changed my life forever, and that is where I find the inspiration to continue to grow and build as a healing facilitator to mankind. The teacher inside of me is reaching a place I never conceived possible. Through teaching Yoga, Thai Massage, Yoga Adjustments, Meditation and self awareness, I am connecting with thousands of people. This is why I decided to build a website with my friend Chad Ever of Ever Studios (amazing work brother) and the help of my good friend Sue (thank you for all the encouragement along the way). A website all about yoga, healing, and my life journey.

Everyday, new opportunities are offered to me. Retreats, festivals, corporate yoga sessions, meditation sits, workshops, trips to far off lands. Its flattering and humbling beyond belief. My teachings are helping people, and that was my motivation to becoming a massage therapist which spawned into teaching yoga, teaching massage, and teaching different modalities of healing. I am stepping into my greatness as I connect, share and help all, whenever possible. This is just the beginning. is my testament to my commitment to bringing others healing, happiness and peace. Its a way to stay connected to my upcoming events, workshops and daily happenings. I will share weekly blogs including pictures, videos, logs of my travels, and all of the things in this life that inspire me. Thank you all for being a part of this because with out you, none of this is possible. By helping others, we help ourselves.

“Share with an open heart, inspiring others to reach their full human potential”

Michael McCarthy

adminInspiration to continue the Journey

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